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Blockchain Education and careers

Hey, I'm Danielle Marie

I am on a mission to Elevate, Empower and Educate savvy minds to be involved in the emerging and disruptive world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

For as long as I can remember I have always desired financial security and freedom. I knew from a young age I didn’t want to live the lifestyle many of my family members did which was a life of drugs, alcohol and having kids while they were still kids. After a slew of bad decisions and finding myself in bad financial situations, I knew I had to turn my life around. Life was good for a time with travelling while managing and overseeing bars and restaurants all over the world with my fiance.

Then in 2013, my world came crashing down when my engagement ended. Reeling from the loss and now 30, I decided to take my chances and move to Australia and start a new chapter.

The Next Chapter

Blockchain lifestyle

When I moved to Australia I was determined to get out of hospitality and follow my new passion of fitness coaching, I was tired of working in hospitality and the unhealthy lifestyle that came along with the industry.

However, due to visa restrictions, I had no choice but to keep working in the industry but was determined to find a way out and started looking for opportunities. I wanted to learn how to have an online business but had no idea where to start and then an amazing opportunity came to me and I launched my first online business.

In the meantime, I kept following my passion of becoming a qualified fitness coach and helping others improve their health and fitness. I became a Zumba instructor and certified personal trainer.


I loved living in Australia and did not want to leave which meant I had to make a lot of sacrifices and overcome a lot of obstacles and challenges. I was determined to achieve my goals and was searching for the right path for my journey.

After trying several projects and selling my online business I came across cryptocurrency. When I first learned about cryptocurrency I got obsessed with learning about the industry. I went deep down the rabbit hole learning about the fast-growing technology. My vision shifted from teaching people about health and fitness to educating people on this new amazing technology known as the blockchain.

Shortly after my discovery, I had many personal life challenges that made me doubt myself and my direction and I put everything on hold. I spent some time working on myself and discovering what I truly wanted to do with my life and how I want to help others.

Study Blockchain on the Gold Coast
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain career paths in Australia

My AHA Moment

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology kept re-appearing and I could not ignore it any longer. It was like someone kept tapping me on the shoulder saying “I am still here why are you ignoring me?” Not long after a friend said to me “You know a lot about cryptocurrency and blockchain, have you ever thought about educating people on the subject? ” It was there and then I knew it was time for me to take action and start empowering others to educate themselves on the industry because education is an investment that will last.

I went all in and have not looked back once. Currently completing my studying of my Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain and working towards becoming a master trainer. Recently started a non-profit organisation called ALL THINGS BLOCKCHAIN which is focused on running free educational events and building a community of likeminded individuals. I have collaborated with the leading blockchain education providers in Australia Blockchain Collective to provide blockchain education programs for people who are interested in a career in blockchain.

My Passion is to Education and Empower People to Embrace the Disruptive Industry of Digital Assets.

Is blockchain the right choice for me?


Book a FREE Discovery Session today! What you will get in the discovery session…

Learn if blockchain is the right career for your future.

Learn how to protect your digital assets.

Discovery how to future-proof your career.

A Find out what is the right course for you 

Ask questions you have about the crypto industry.

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