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Who am I 

I am Danielle Marie, a seasoned Blockchain Educator, Crypto Enthusiast, and Community Leader. I founded Women in Digital Economy an initiative to foster female empowerment in Web3. Additionally, I founded All Things Blockchain,

a non-profit association dedicated to growing the local blockchain ecosystem.

My work is a testament to my strong commitment to innovation, education, and community-building in the rapidly evolving digital economy and was honoured as the Australian Blockchain Leader of the Year 2023 by Blockchain Australia.

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As a Conference MC, Danielle Marie not only brings a dynamic and engaging presence to every event but also lights up the room with her vibrant energy and palpable passion for the industry. Her deep understanding of blockchain and emerging technologies allows her to expertly navigate diverse topics, ensuring each conference is not only informative but also smoothly run and truly memorable. Her ability to connect with audiences and speakers alike, coupled with the enthusiasm she radiates, makes her an ideal host for your next tech-focused conference. Danielle's passion for the industry shines through in every interaction, creating an electrifying atmosphere that inspires. 

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Leading Educational Workshops with a focus on blockchain technology, Danielle Marie empowers participants with hands-on, practical learning experiences. Her workshops are tailored to demystify complex concepts, making blockchain accessible and understandable. From beginners to advanced learners, her workshops are an invaluable resource for anyone looking to dive into the world of blockchain and emerging technologies.

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Danielle Marie is known for her insightful contributions to discussions on blockchain and digital innovation. With her extensive knowledge and experience in the field, she provides nuanced perspectives that enrich panel debates and discussions. Whether it's tackling the challenges of emerging technologies, exploring future trends, or advocating for inclusivity in the tech world, Danielle's participation in panels is marked by thought leadership and a commitment to driving meaningful conversations in the industry

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Danielle Marie is passionate about sharing her journey and insights to inspire, motivate and empower others to join the Web3 movement. Her discussions are not just informative but also deeply motivational, inspiring listeners to engage with the evolving digital landscape. Danielle's insights, drawn from a rich experience in blockchain, spark enthusiasm and curiosity, making her a beacon for those seeking to understand and join the Web3 movement. Her unique blend of knowledge and passion makes every appearance a source of inspiration and empowerment

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Danielle Marie is know for captivating audiences with her insights into the blockchain realm. Her keynote speeches are a seamless blend of inspiring personal stories, practical knowledge, and a forward-looking vision for technology's future. As the celebrated Blockchain Leader of the Year 2023, Danielle doesn't just inform; she serves as a powerful catalyst for innovation and transformative change in the digital economy. Her talks are not only enlightening but also deeply motivating, encouraging audiences to embrace the world of Web3. 

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