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is blockchain a good career choice

Are you serious about future proofing your career?

The adoption of blockchain is growing rapidly and new ways of doing business have accelerated since the covid pandemic. Blockchain technology is transforming industries globally with a wide range of applications.


Diploma of Applied Blockchain

The Diploma of Applied Blockchain (108049NAT) covers topics for planning and crafting blockchain business models. Learn how to apply Blockchain into existing or new organisations. The Diploma will provide you with skills for the management or operational roles within industries who are wanting to implement blockchain into business models.

Core Units

NAT10849001 Apply the tenets of blockchain to create value

NAT10849002 Plan for a blockchain business model implementation

NAT10849003 Plan for disintermediation within a blockchain business model

NAT10849004 Develop a blockchain team business model

NAT10849005 Apply big data to blockchain marketing strategies

NAT10849006 Develop blockchain governance policy

NAT10849007 Apply blockchain to the Internet of Things

NAT10849008 Apply blockchain to support Artificial Intelligence

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Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain

The Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain (10747NAT) is not a technical coding course. The course has been contextualized for individuals who are interested in the impacts of Blockchain Technologies across a variety of sectors. It is pragmatic and designed around project work to allow students to gain valuable experience and demonstrate their competencies around each assessment task.

Core Units

BLKEBF001 Establish a blockchain framework for decentralized peer to peer consensus and innovation.

BLKDBM002 Develop a blockchain business model

BLKFRS003 Develop a blockchain network functional requirements specification

BLKSMC004 Create trust and activate a blockchain with smart contracts

BLKOBN005 Develop a framework for operating a blockchain network

BLKSNW006 Develop a strategic network framework for interoperability

Elective Units

BLKTBO007 Prepare the organisation for transitioning operations to a blockchain network

BLKERE008 Develop a blockchain governance model for stewardship

BLKRFB009 Lead recruitment strategy for blockchain projects

BLKPER010 Analyse performance of a business model deployed on a blockchain

What Will You Learn? 

The best way for me to know how what is the best way I can help you achieve your goals is to book a FREE  discovery call with me.

What to expect during our call: 


Discover what is the best learning path for YOU

Determine if blockchain is the right career for you

Ask any questions you have about getting started

Learn what opportunities are in the blockchain industry

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What Clients Say


“Career Changing Opportunity”

“Blockchain Collective has provided me with an opportunity to learn about Applied Blockchain and change my career to become a trainer and consultant in the blockchain space!” 

Curtis Chapel

Brisbane, Australia

“Becoming a Blockchain Master Trainer”

“Really Enjoying the advanced diploma of applied blockchain. I have always been interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain and was very excited when I found out this course was available for international students and that blockchain was on the skilled migration list. I am now working towards being becoming a master trainer.”

Danielle Marie

Brisbane, Australia

“Studying as an International Student”

“Currently studying the advanced diploma of applied blockchain as an international student and very much enjoying it. The course is well laid out and the lessons are incredibly interesting. Highly recommend it!!”

Edwin Hudepol

Gold Coast, Australia
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