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My Story: The day I went ALL IN on Crypto and Blockchain

My Story: The day I went ALL IN on Crypto and Blockchain

Some of you may know that for the past 3 years I have been studying blockchain on a deep level. I first learned about blockchain, I had really only heard about cryptocurrency investments and really had no idea about the underlying technology.

When I discovered cryptocurrency, I got what we call a “brain virus” and went down the rabbit hole of trying to understand crypto and blockchain technology and how it was going to change our future.

I was completely blown away by this technology and knew IMMEDIATELY it was going to drastically change the way we do business and affect our futures. I am not going to lie to you, at first it hurt my brain and was very overwhelming, there was so much information available at your fingertips and I found it hard to decipher what was credible information and who was just trying to sell you on their company’s revolutionary ideas to get rich quick.

I got caught up in trying to catch the crypto boom and was not really understanding the technology of blockchain itself, which is what cryptocurrency is really built on. Crypto and Blockchain are two different subjects at hand, and I think it is important people understand what blockchain is and the capabilities it has and why so many BIG COMPANIES are now using blockchain.

I still remember it clearly, the moment I went all in on Crypto and Blockchain, I can still picture it now, me in a whole room of men.

As I learnt all things crypto and blockchain, I’m not going to lie….

It was often uncomfortable and intimidating.

I felt this many times over the years.

I was at one of the biggest events of the year, The Blockchain roadshow. When I met the founder of Blockchain Collective @Nathan Burns who offered me an opportunity to work with their team.

Yep, little me…Danielle!

They had just launched the first Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain and I decided to go ALL IN!

I didn’t have a technical background or a fancy degree. I was just passionate.

Passionate to change my current situation and take advantage of a new emerging space…

I decided I was going to build a career in Blockchain, and I have never looked back.

- I am the first international student to complete the Diploma and Advanced diploma of Applied Blockchain.

- And the first female to become a fully qualified trainer and assessor in Australia to deliver Applied Blockchain courses.

Last year I founded ‘All things Blockchain’ A non-profit association for decentralized finance with over 1300 members in 12months.

This subject can be complicated to understand with the existing information out there, but I know without a doubt, it doesn’t have to be complicated! We don’t need to know how a computer works, we just need to know how to turn it on, how to use the functions and the benefits it has to our lives.

This is exactly why I created She’s Blockchain Savvy, to help people understand the fundamentals of how Blockchain works and how to leverage blockchain to create secure financial futures. All in an easy time-efficient way with credible unbiased information.

I have always had a passion for teaching and helping others and now I am following that passion for teaching something that I love and believe is important for people to understand.

I’m on a mission to bring more women into this space, so none of us need to feel alone, silly or scared to learn what is our future!

If you are a woman and wish you got started in crypto ages ago but felt too intimidated?

I’m starting a group on FB where we can all hang out and learn about the exciting opportunities in the Crypto and Blockchain ecosystem together.

Are you coming to join us lovely ladies?

So welcome and thank you for joining me on this journey!

Danielle Marie.

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